Tania Oliveira created “The Golden Heart Project” to bring attention & funding to animal causes through art. The project seeks to promote adoption, awareness, preservation, & respect. The Golden Heart Project has benefited foundations such as The Humane Society of Miami, Dachshund Rescue South Florida, Miami Children’s Hospital, Gays & Lesbians Task Force Foundation, & among others through campaigns and auctions of Tania’s Golden Heart series and has been honored with the recognition of celebrities who support the cause, as animal lovers themselves.
We seek individuals, companies & organizations who want to support the project, through licensing or partnership, so we can increase our power to spread the word and help more animals.
We want to promote animal causes through the Golden Heart Project worldwide.
From the start the project has been funded with our own resources, which limits our power to reach. We need promotion & support nation wide, through advertising, partnerships, donations & funding. 
Our goal is to encourage adoptions in various shelters in the city, awareness, respect and promote the animal cause.​

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The Artist

Born in the State of Rio De Janeiro - Brazil, based in Miami since 2000, Tania Oliveira is a self-taught artist, passionate about animals and art since childhood, during this time she portrayed her pets through art and carved her own toys. Her art and dreams grew along with it, dreams of one day being able to help the animals and good causes through her art, the Golden Heart Project is a project built on dreams of helping & supporting animals both domestic as exoctic.



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